Mérida, México: grow your money in the hottest colonial city

blanca residencial


From $504,000 mxn


Comprising lots starting at 4,520 sq ft (420 m2) Blanca is a modern top-level neighborhood, specially designed for young Mexican families.


From $4,900 mxn per m2

Compostela is the most exclusive residential development in Merida. It comprises 74 residential lots with an average size of 600 m2 each, making a total area of 0.1 km2. The wide spaces, contemporary architectural design, and interior/exterior finishes were planned to provide the comfort that you deserve.



From $2,680 mxn per m2


Provincia is our newest released in Mérida. This residential development is one of a kind, since it features a floodlit golf course. We also refreshed the game with a 9-hole course, par 3, for you to enjoy with your family. Provincia comprises 8 private clusters with residential lots ranging from 450 to 600 m²


From $1’300,000 mxn


Mirador Mirador is an exclusive residential area with only 36 lots and everything you need to have the full, wonderful life you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Mirador is equipped with leisure spaces, areas to keep you fit and places designed for those who love the most.

mirador merida

Campo Magno

From $1,597,500 mxn


Campo Magno is an authentic project, which offers the possibility of living without worries and reconnecting with the fascinating Mexican identity. Beauty, tranquility and history, your origin closer to you than ever. Here you can build a future for yourself and your children. Residential lots from 403 m2.


From $982,080 mxn


Endemico, Industrial Logistics SME Park is the perfect place for your business: storage areas, points of sale, offices, workshops or studios with all the necessary conditions to make your company grow. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to grow and diversify their real estate portfolio.

endemico merida

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